ipod's? not mepods.

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So all the hype in the MP3 player
world is ipod this, ipod that. Fuck that. Number one we must
identify what a "MP3" player is defined as. Well I belive by
the name of the product, it would necessitate that it plays MP3's. Ergo,
an ipod is not an MP3 player, so Steve Blowjobs can suck it. The only format
that an ipod plays is AAC ...but wait it gets better. It only plays
apple's "AAC Apple" format. So pretty much an ipod can play
nothing that the music industry or people in the real world use as digital
music formats.

Yeah, yeah there is the itunes store, that utilizes really
nifty apple software and it will convert everything for you into Apple AAC so
that you can finally listen to your music on your ipod. Again, fuck
that. I like to have control over my music formats, MP3, WMA, AAC, or the
plethora of other formats that most non ipod digital music players will
comprehend. At one point I contemplated the ipod nano, because it is
beautiful, small, easy to use, and while it is all these things it is also a
mindfucking amount more expensive than most of the non ipod market.

I hold nothing against Apple/ipod owners, in fact I
commend them on their integrity and love for a quality product. If that
product happens to be the Hitler of the "MP3" world, then so let it
be. I know if you are an Apple person you will never stray away from what
you love, but at least consider the logic that the other 10% (+or- 5%) of the
population used in purchasing a non ipod portable digital music player, the key
word being logic, the root word of logical.

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