The Red Wire Theatre presents: Pimp Daddy Welfare

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The first day of college is daunting for anyone. You're striking out on your own for the first time, and you're basically throwing out the rule book of life.

You're not obligated to do something because your parents tell you to; you do it because you know the consequences of failing to do it. You're not defaulted friends simply because you're in the same home room. You're left to your own devices to find people you enjoy being around.

When one of the first people you meet as you make this transition is a skinny white guy who calls himself Pimp Daddy Welfare and raps over techno music, you know the next phase in your life just got a lot more interesting.

The thing about Pimp Daddy Welfare is; he doesn't take himself too seriously. One of the first times I ever heard him making music was through a heavy wooden door. He was laying down vocals for his new track, which went something like this:

"Waaaaaaaaaaay down in the jungle where nobody knows /
is Pimp Daddy Welfare pimping his hoes/
he goes Ooh aah Ooh aah /
that's how the motherfucker pimps his hoes"

As strange as I found all this, I soon found myself sucked in. If you listen to his song "Mr T is a Bitch," I'm the little sister. Soon I was a PDW fan. I went to one of his first 'concerts,' a mind-bending little piece of performance art in the scummiest venue I've ever feared getting hepatitis from. Above it all, though, I was shocked to find out that he had fans all over the world. A minor Internet phenom, PDW had music fans from Columbus to Stockholm chanting, "Beat the bitch that talks too much."

My favorite moment could be when one of my later roomates, a music snob through and through, tried to have an earnest chat with PDW about how his music "lacked integrity." Welfare didn't even try to keep a straight face.

Whether it's a big practical joke on the listener (and to music fans in general), the strange sounds of a lunatic or a commentary on how our generation embraces the awesomely bad, PDW music tickles some strange part of our collective brain. Somewhere, you're getting a laugh out of it.

It was nearly 10 years ago that I first met Welfare; last year, he sent me the following video. As I get older, and start to worry about all the stupid bullshit that getting older entails, it makes me happy beyond words that somewhere out there, PDW is still spitting made game and making bitches moan. Enjoy.