2 Disturbing Books Finally Removed From School Library in Florida

2 Disturbing Books Finally Removed From School Library in Florida

(TheRedWire.com) – The new Parental Rights in Education law will go into effect in Florida on July 1. Left-wing activists labeled the bill the “Don’t Say Gay law,” but that may be an inaccurate view of the legislation. The law prohibits classroom instruction of kindergartners through third grade by either school officials or third parties regarding sexual orientation or gender identity. One school district is working to comply with the law and recently pulled two books for review.

Palm Beach County school officials say the two books likely fall within the law’s mandate. I Am Jazz shares the stories of a transgender child and her struggles. Call Me Max considers the experiences of a child raised as a girl, but she feels like a boy.

Palm Beach County Deputy Superintendent Ed Tierney instructed elementary schools to move the books to a location where students won’t have access to them. Once the school administration completes the review of the two books, he said they would notify the schools of the outcome. One school board member stated that the district is looking at all books and curricula to ensure the schools comply with the law.

The book’s author said schools should promote inclusivity and diversity at such a young age. That defies the intent of many Florida voters and the new state law. The law is under legal challenge.

Stay tuned, this story is far from over.

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