2022 Workplace Trends to Keep an Eye On

2022 Workplace Trends to Keep an Eye On

(TheRedWire.com) – The global pandemic impacted work lives in ways never seen before, but heading into 2022, people and employers have adjusted to the change. As we move forward, workplace trends are focusing on more choices and technology.

Remote Workers

Working at home or using hybrid work arrangements will continue to be on the table for many industries. Employers and employees found that the work-at-home lifestyle was better than everyone rushing into the office, and neither group is ready to throw it away. In the coming year, expect many employers to allow staff to choose where they work.

AI and Automation

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) expanded out of necessity during the pandemic and will continue to grow during 2022. Some people may see their jobs changing as a result, while other positions may open up because of technology. Many industries will see the elimination of repetitive duties, opening new opportunities for workers to focus on tasks requiring human interaction.

Monitoring and Productivity

Employers discovered a greater need to monitor their employees during the pandemic. With many staffers working remotely, managers employed new techniques and tools to ensure productivity. Through careful monitoring, many businesses were even able to improve efficiency. While there are some privacy concerns, monitoring the workforce seems to be the key to success, especially if staff continue to work remotely.

Linear Organizational Structures

With the shift in how companies worked over the past couple of years, traditional hierarchical structures no longer worked well. Companies who used to focus effort on the roles of each worker now see the better use of their energy is to hone in on skills.

Skills become more important because they address organizational needs to get tasks done. While roles are more about the company’s organizational structure and chain-of-command, operating via skill sets allows greater efficiency and meets company goals. Businesses now recognize this, and many are moving toward a more linear system where skills become the most important thing.

A Focus on Health

Employees will rejoice over the next trend: Companies are working to ensure a healthier workforce. Employers understand now more than ever before people are not machines. They cannot keep working if they are not healthy. This observation is opening doors to more employers caring for the health and wellbeing of their employees. Many are implementing building policies and programs focusing on helping workers to improve their health.

As we rang in 2021, everything was changing. Still, looking forward to 2022, businesses and employees will be expanding and improving on the lessons we learned during the adjustments we made to keep businesses running during the pandemic. The changes are becoming permanent and reshaping how industries and employees interact.

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