50K Fake Votes Found During Investigation

50K Fake Votes Found During Investigation

(TheRedWire.com) – Wisconsin State Representative Janel Brandtjen (R) dropped a bombshell during an informal hearing on Wednesday, February 9. She invited a speaker to present new election data from the state’s 2020 presidential election. The preview she had convinced her there were potentially thousands of ballots discrepancies, and the state shouldn’t have certified Joe Biden as the winner.

According to reports, Peter Bernegger provided the presentation at Brandtjen’s invitation and revealed new election data showing tens of thousands of illegal votes. For example, volunteers working with Bernegger found around 46,000 ballots were counted without Department of Motor Vehicle verifications. Other data discrepancies included voting locales. One designated voting center showed 113 votes cast from a place where no one resides, while another 3,713 voters registered using only a US Post Office mailbox as their address.

Bernegger’s team also uncovered other data, including:

  • 165,000 invalid votes
  • Instances where votes seemingly outnumbered voters
  • Inflated voter registrations vs. population growth
  • Duplicate voter ID numbers for a single voter registration number
  • 625,000 deceased individuals in Wisconsin’s voter rolls
  • 7 million registered voters but only 4 million in the state’s population

The further investigators dug, the more questions they found which seemed to warrant formal investigations.

With issues like these being raised, the timing seems suspect for the Biden Administration’s Department of Homeland Security to have issued a threat level assessment announcing concern regarding their perception of false or misleading narratives, conspiracy theories, or “other forms of mis-, dis- and mal-information (MDM)” contributing to a “heightened threat environment” in America. Perhaps, as former President Trump suggested, data like this is the last thing the Biden administration wants people to talk about.

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