57 People Go Missing After Taking on Cuban Government

57 People Go Missing After Taking on Cuban Government

(TheRedWire.com) – In Cuba, a wave of unrest is developing as citizens clamor for relief from the tyranny of the long-time communist regime instituted by Fidel Castro. Thousands of people allegedly took to the streets chanting “down with communism” and demanded their freedom and liberty. The national government responded swiftly and violently. It called for pushback against the protesters by “revolutionary” citizens from across the small island nation to attack individuals involved with the protests, the largest ones Cuba has seen in decades.

Cuban pro-democracy group Cuba Decide says it confirmed that 57 people either disappeared or were arrested. Some reports suggest upwards of 100 people were detained as of Tuesday, July 13. The unrest and calls for democracy come as Cuba goes through one of the worst economic crises in many decades.

Tourism, the lifeblood to the Cuban economy, is virtually nonexistent. Food and medicine are running scarce. The authorities refused to provide any information on how many people were protesting. Numerous reports say security agents ruthlessly beat protestors. They also used tear gas and other extreme forms of anti-riot measures.

Protestors included peace activists, artists, and religious leaders. Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel said United States sanctions were to blame for the unrest.

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