6 Year Old Asked If She’s Racist and Evil

6 Year Old Asked If She's Racist and Evil

(TheRedWire.com) – All across America, parents are concerned about what their kids are learning in school. In 2020, school districts closed their doors and moved to online education. For the first time, parents at home overread what teachers were teaching their kids. Over the summer, parents began questioning school boards and asking if schools were teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) to their children. Some meetings got quite heated.

Last spring, the Biden administration, the US Department of Education, numerous states, and several local school boards funded education programs informed by CRT. Loudoun County, Virginia, was ground zero. Parents and the school board have been at odds over the subject. Administrators say they don’t teach CRT to their students, but that may not be true. Recently, a six-year-old girl’s question shed light on that claim.

Politicians and School Administrators Deny CRT

For decades, professors taught university students Critical Race Theory. Now, it appears it’s working itself down the ladder. CRT teaches the United States is inherently racist, and institutions use race to maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between White and non-White people. Critics say CRT teaches White people they are minority oppressors. The terms White supremacy and equity became more common after the social justice protests and riots in 2020.

In Loudon County, a mother of a six-year-old girl asked if she was evil because she was born White. Apparently, the little girl learned this from a history lesson in school. Whatever happened to teaching reading, grammar, math, science, and history? Critics argue teaching students CRT hurts students by making them victims. Long-term, it could hurt America’s standing in the world as students fail to learn the skills they need to keep America competitive on the world stage.

Politicians and School Administrators Deny CRT

So, how did a six-year-old child learn to ask such things if she wasn’t taught concepts out of a CRT handbook? All summer long, politicians, school boards and administrators denied they were teaching CRT in schools.

Is that true?

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe says CRT is a dog-whistle for Republicans and repeatedly claims public schools don’t teach CRT in Virginia. Yet, when he was governor in 2015, a presentation on the Virginia Department of Education’s website suggested differently. The state agency encouraged teachers to “embrace Critical Race Theory” so they could “re-engineer attitudes and belief systems.” On February 22, 2019, a superintendent’s memo (050-19) sent out by the state promoted CRT and “white fragility.”

Democrats continue to try telling Americans there isn’t anything to see. Yet, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest otherwise. The most evident proof is coming directly out of the mouth of babes.

The Loudon County mom said her daughter is now thriving in private school. Unfortunately, she said she couldn’t send her child back to the public school system while it maintains the course it’s on, accusing parents of being domestic terrorists, or until school officials step down.

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