A Car Was Stolen With Child Left Inside

A Car Was Stolen While Child Left Inside

(TheRedWire.com) – Portland, Oregon, cut millions of dollars from the police budget in 2020. Over the last year, crime became so bad the city council partially restored those funds. Mayor Ted Wheeler said too many residents no longer feel safe in the city, and as leaders, they had a responsibility to take action and protect people.

From October 2020 to October 2021, Portland residents experienced 8,849 car thefts and 80 kidnappings, and of late, the city saw a significant spike in carjackings. On Saturday, November 27, one man experienced a trauma he’ll never forget. The driver parked his car near a New York Fried Chicken. While his 3-year-old brother slept inside the vehicle, the man got out of the running vehicle to grab some food inside the restaurant.

When he returned with his food, his car and little brother weren’t there. The man notified the police, and a few minutes later, they found the abandoned car with the still-sleeping, unharmed child inside it. Police don’t have a suspect and have made no arrests.

Experts say to avoid becoming a victim of a carjacking, never leave a vehicle running while unattended. They also suggest you always park your car in a well-lit area. Additionally, always keep your cell phone in your pocket in case you need to call 911 quickly.

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