A Man Sues a Psychic Who Said She Could Remove a Spell

A Man Sues a Psychic Who Said She Could Remove a Spell

(TheRedWire.com) – When people have issues with relationships, money, or intense stress, they often turn to religion or people who claim to have special powers who can help them solve their problems. Mediums go back to the beginning of recorded history. Mediums, psychics, and sorcerers are even in the first books of the Bible.

According to a United States Postal Inspection Service report, psychics cause more harm than good. Most of them are scam artists who are adept at telling people what they want to hear and offer promises of fortune, fame, reversal of curses, or helping someone find a soulmate. Oh, and it’s not free. Many times psychics charge exorbitant rates for their promises. It happened to one man in California who believed he ran into a string of bad luck. Unfortunately for him, meeting a psychic made his problems worse.

Man Files Lawsuit Against Psychic

In September, Mauro Restrepo was down on his luck. So, he did what many people do when they need a boost. He went online, where he discovered psychic Sophia Adams’ website. Not only did she claim to be a psychic, but she’s also a Ph.D. Life Coach. Restrepo believed he was dealing with a true professional who could help him. He reached out to the medium, and the two texted several times before Adams told him he needed to come to her office.

Restrepo made an appointment and got a tarot card reading from Adams. She claimed to know the man’s ailment. An ex-girlfriend’s witch cursed him with bad luck. Restrepo was unsure of what he should do, but Adams said she could cure Restrepo of his affliction for $5,100. She told the allegedly cursed man that unless Restrepo paid the money, his bad luck would destroy his marriage and family. So, Restrepo did what anyone in the throes of fear might do. He put down a $1,000 deposit.

Guess what happened?

Nothing. The newly minted victim of a scam said Adams’ promises didn’t help him. Instead, he endured sleepless nights, anguish, worry, and anxiety.

Restrepo is now suing Adams for $25,000. The allegations include negligence, civil conspiracy, and both intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. In addition to filing the complaint against Adams, Restrepo is suing her business, husband, daughter, and landlords. He claims they knew about her dealings, enabled her to hurt people in the community and did nothing about it.

According to Adams’ Facebook page, last used in 2016, she’s been in business for approximately 45 years. Additionally, her Yelp reviews are relatively current and boast 4 out of 5 stars and 16 reviews.

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