Activists Say Scientists Shouldn’t Assume the Gender of Skeletons

Activists Say Scientists Shouldn't Assume the Gender of Skeletons

Leftist TARGETS Archaeologists Over Skeletal Discoveries

( – Since archeologists and anthropologists began exploring history underneath the dirt, they’ve identified remains as male or female. Scientists used the size and shape of bones to determine genders. Now, it appears gender activists want to stop that practice. They say that by 2022 standards, someone hundreds or thousands of years ago might not have identified by their birth gender, and that it’s transphobic to assume otherwise.

Emma Palladino is a Master’s degree candidate in archeology in Canada. She claimed that assigning gender to an ancient human being was ridiculous. Palladino, and others, fail to accept that transgenderism is a relatively new construct in human history.

Still, the student argued that people living today who are transgender wouldn’t want to be identified by their birth gender if archeologists discovered their remains in the future. Palladino said it’s likely people didn’t throughout human history either.

According to the College Fix, Palladino isn’t the only one pushing the transgender movement on ancient humans. Trans Doe Task Force is a gender activist group. It says forensic gender identification doesn’t serve people who didn’t follow traditional gender roles throughout history. The group believes that researchers should search for contextual clues about an ancient person using clothing to see if it affixes to their assigned gender instead of their biological gender.

What do you think? Are things going too far?

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