Air Force’s New Bomber Holds Secrets China Is DESPERATE To Have

Air Force's New Bomber Holds Secrets China Is DESPERATE To Have

( – America’s military is continually improving its technology and capabilities. In 1988, the Air Force revealed the B-2 stealth bomber. It was unlike anything that anyone had ever seen before. Thanks to its stealth design, it could deliver both conventional and nuclear weapons and penetrate the most sophisticated air defenses. Over 30 years later, the Air Force recently announced an upgrade to the B-2. Although the B-21 Raider has some striking similarities to the B-2, it’s an entirely new airplane. It’s so secret that China is desperate to learn what it can do.

So, what are four things China wants to know about the newest stealth bomber? First, can it fly without pilots? Original plans called for it to operate both as a crewed and uncrewed aircraft. In 2001, B-2 pilots flew 44-hour-long missions from Missouri to the Middle East and back. Perhaps the B-21 can do it without exhausting pilots and with just as much, if not better, bombing accuracy.

Second, the engines are perhaps one of the most top-secret things about the B-21. Unlike the B-2, one can’t see the engines’ locations because the design embeds them within the aircraft. Does that mean it’s hard or impossible to hear or see a heat signature?

Third, what types of missions will the B-21 perform? It goes without saying the craft will be capable of carrying nuclear payloads. Still, its technology may allow for a wide range of conventional warfare that isn’t possible by today’s standards.

Finally, if the military is publicly announcing the B-21, what aren’t they sharing? It’s unlikely the Raider is the only secret plane. The military is bound to have a new stealth fighter in development, underway in testing, or in service that the public doesn’t know about yet. The Pentagon may be waiting to reveal a fighter jet with extreme stealth and high-speed capability.

So, should America’s adversaries worry about America’s emerging military capabilities?

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