Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Says Rumor Was False

Alec Baldwin's Daughter Says Rumor Was False

( – After the shooting death of Halyna Hutchins on the Arizona film set for Rust, Alec Baldwin has been battling issues with authorities. They recently served a warrant for his cell phone. A few days later, Baldwin made headlines when news outlets reported cops pulled him and his wife, Hilaria, over while they were in the Hamptons. However, his family is now saying that was a false rumor.

News outlets published the story with photographs of the Baldwins speaking with an East Hamptons policeman on the side of the road. In response, Hilaria posted an Instagram video in which she says the reports are untrue. She said the officer did not pull them over but met her and her husband there because she called them.

According to Hilaria, paparazzi were following the family, including their daughter Carmen. She said she felt threatened as the other vehicle chased her and called the police for help. The photos allegedly came from the photographer, who she said was harassing them. She also said the person was screaming at the officer and refused to leave.

Additionally, she accused the New York Post of coming after her and making up stories. She vowed not to let them silence her. Hilaria said she and her family are the victims in this situation and deserve better treatment.

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