American Schools Dealing With Major New Problem

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

( – On Teachers Appreciation Day, three teachers, Brooke Ooten, Daniel Buck, and Ramona Bessinger appeared on “Fox & Friends” where they discussed the staff shortages in schools, children’s behavioral problems, and how cultural issues can impact the classroom.

Brook Ooten, who works as an elementary school teacher in New York, told host Ainsley Earhardt that currently the biggest issue that the education system is facing is the “national teacher shortage.” As she has pointed out “three-quarters of U.S. states”  have reported a teacher shortage. Many teachers are also leaving the profession because of the stress of having to teach in understaffed, overcrowded schools.

Republican candidates in recent polls have stated that education is a key issue in the 2024 presidential election, with many specifically talking about the role of parental rights, politicization, and transgender policies in schools.

Daniel Buck, a teacher and visiting fellow at the Fordham Institute and author of “What Is Wrong With Our Schools?”, pointed out that many teachers choose to leave because of behavioral problems in the classrooms. He added that there is a general trend of not applying punishments and discipline, which is leading to children’s behavior across the nation worsening.

Parental rights have also become a central point of contention since the pandemic, with teachers and school board officials often fighting. This has led to an increase in the debate over how much control parents should have over their children’s education. The pandemic also led to a massive exit of teachers which worsened the teacher shortage.

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