Americans Lose Trust In Republicans

Photo by Donovan Reeves on Unsplash

( – A new February survey by progressive public opinion and research operation Navigator Research. It has shown that the general public is skeptical about the investigations that the GOP House majority is leading.

The survey which took place between Feb. 9-13 showed that 46 percent of voters thought that many of the investigations led by the Republicans were an overreach. On the other hand, 30 percent claimed that Republicans were doing a good amount of investigations, while 24 percent claimed that the Republicans were doing too little.

These results marked a 16-point increase in the percentage of voters who believed that the Republicans’ investigations would overreach.

An earlier Navigator Research survey from Jan. 9 showed that 30 percent of voters had expected Republicans to overreach in their investigations. The same survey between Jan. 20-23, showed an increase of 10 points, with 40 percent of people believing that they would overreach.

Since winning the House majority, Republicans have launched multiple investigations into the Biden administration. These include investigations into the situation at the southern border, the origins of the pandemic, and the politicization of intelligence agencies. Other probes deal with President Biden’s family and their business dealings, with particular focus being placed on the President’s son, Hunter Biden.

Bryan Bennett, the lead pollster for Navigator Research, has stated that the polls show that an increasing number of voters appear to believe that the Republicans are focusing on investigations rather than on key issues like inflation and health care.

Bennett also noted that in focus groups with soft partisans and independents, there was a general openness to investigations relating to unfair trade practices and pandemic relief funds fraud.


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