Americans Losing Work For Illegals

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

( – On Monday, the city of Denver announced that many of its employees were going to have their hours cut as the city would be reallocating funds to handle the migrant crisis in the city. 

Local NBC affiliate 9News had reported that the City of Denver had been attempting to not use the word “layoffs” when it came to the budget cuts, however, they had also informed several of their hourly on-call employees that they could potentially see their hours be reduced to zero. 

The city government is planning to cut $4.3 million in funding from the Parks and Recreations Department and will be using that money to deal with the migrant crisis which has been straining the resources of the city. 

Jolon Clark, the director of Denver Parks and Recreations provided information on the budget cuts in a statement. As he had told 9News the lower hours of operations and programs were going to affect the number of hours that many on-call employees would be working. He further pointed out that this could potentially mean that at some point they could end up not receiving any hours. He added that final decisions regarding individual positions had yet to be made. 

The department noted that the city employees who had their hours on the chopping block were all employees who were “on-call.” This included coaches, lifeguards, and front desk workers. The statement continued by pointing out that the number of hours on-call works could vary depending on the season and the individual. It was further pointed out that some on-calls might be responsible for several functions, while some could end up only teaching one class all year long. 

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