Amy Barrett Strikes Back Against Partisan Claims

Amy Barrett Strikes Back Against Partisan Claims

( – Former President Donald Trump appointed three Supreme Court justices shifting the balance of the court to six-to-three in favor of Republican appointees. Over the last several years, Democrats blasted the court for its Conservative rulings. After a decision in late August allowing a Texas anti-abortion law to begin on September 1, Democrats complained even louder about the Court’s shift right. However, don’t try telling the Supreme Court’s newest justice the Court is partisan.

On Sunday, September 12, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett told approximately 100 people at a formal gathering that politics doesn’t drive the High Court and justices aren’t partisan hacks. Instead, Barrett said, judicial philosophies define the court’s decisions over political views. Continuing, Barrett explained her judicial philosophy is based on “originalism.” She believes the Constitution should be understood and practiced based on what it meant when the Constitution or an Amendment became law. Barrett added that while she doesn’t always like a ruling, the Constitution constrains her judgments.

Barrett contrasted her philosophy with the pragmatism of Justice Stephen Breyer, which is the opposite of originalism. Judicial Liberalism believes the Constitution’s meaning changes with the culture and is dynamic. Unlike originalists, Liberal judges are more likely to make decisions based on personal beliefs.

To reinforce her point that the court is not partisan, Justice Barrett cited numerous cases decided by the full court.

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