Analyst Says Putin Is Making Case to Use Chemical, Nuclear Weapons

Analyst Says Putin Is Making Case to Use Chemical, Nuclear Weapons

( – As the Russian war against Ukraine rages on, some believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin is increasingly frustrated by his military‚Äôs slow advancements. Many experts predicted once Putin invaded Ukraine, it would be a cakewalk for Russia’s far superior military. However, that hasn’t turned out to be the case, to the surprise of many.

Some believe as the war continues and Putin doubles down, he’ll become more erratic. Authoritarian leaders don’t often walk away peacefully from conflicts they start. If Russia’s failure grows, Putin may escalate the conflict. He’s already bombing civilian targets and killing innocent people needlessly. Is it possible the Russian president could resort to chemical or nuclear weapons?

Could Russia Use Chemical or Nuclear Weapons?

Today, Russia deploys approximately 1,456 strategic nuclear warheads on hundreds of bombers and missiles. In addition, Putin’s military also possesses a small number of non-strategic nuclear warheads which aren’t subject to treaty limits.

As the standoff continues, US officials and nuclear strategists warn there is a growing but remote chance of an unintended direct conflict between the US and Russia. In some scenarios, they say it could lead to a nuclear exchange. United Nations secretary-general Antonio Guterres warned that nuclear war is within the realm of possibility. Still, US and Russian leaders say the idea is incomprehensible but is it?

One Analyst Warns That Putin is Setting the Stage for Chemical or Nuclear War

Former NPR chief Moscow correspondent Lawrence Scott Sheets is an expert analyst on the former Soviet Union. Over the last several weeks, he watched and listened to Putin with keen interest. As a former KGB agent, the Russian president seems to be attempting to revive Russian nationalism and pride. Ukraine, Putin believes, is part of Russia.

Sheets said Putin is taking a page from the former USSR. He’s accusing other countries of doing what he intends to do so the Russian president can justify any military actions he may take in the near future. In recent days, Putin alleged the United States used Ukraine to stockpile biological, chemical, and perhaps even nuclear weapons to use against Russia.

As the US funnels billions of dollars and weapons into Ukraine, many see what’s happening in Ukraine as a proxy war between the United States and Russia. Street insinuated Putin’s assertion that the West has chemical and nuclear capabilities in Russia is another false flag operation. Without evidence, Putin may use those capabilities under the guise of eliminating the West’s ability to use the supposed weapons on Russia.

As Putin continues to shift the goalposts from day to day, anything appears possible. Let’s hope the possibility remains unlikely.

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