Ancient Egyptian Mummy Digitally Unwrapped by Scientists

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Digitally Unwrapped by Scientists

( – Technology can do amazing things, and sometimes, that includes uncovering details from the past. After the discovery of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep I, archaeologists wanted to preserve his mask and the intricate wrapping, so they never unrolled his bands. Now, thanks to technology, they get a chance to “see” the pharaoh.

Using digital 3D imagery, researchers have been able to “unwrap” the mummy. Professor of radiology at Cairo University Sahar Saleem led the team with Egyptologist Zahi Hawass. On December 28, the group used computer tomography (CT) scanning, advanced computer software, and X-rays to inspect Amenhotep I without directly touching him.

Once they could peek inside, they determined that like his father, Amenhotep I had curly hair and slightly protruding upper teeth. He was a little over 5 feet and 5 inches tall and had a narrow nose. His teeth were in good condition, and he had lavish jewelry, including a golden girdle.

The researchers also learned that Amenhotep I likely died from an illness or injury at the age of 35, but they could not determine the actual cause of death. However, they did make some other valuable discoveries. He had crossed arms, making him the first pharaoh to be in this position when mummified. He also still had his brain, which marked him as likely the last one not to have it removed.

Seeing Amenhotep I’s face for the first time since his death 3,500 years ago was a gift to the men. Saleem described it as a fascinating project.

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