Angry Chinese Military Shadows US Destroyer


( – The Communist regime that rules the People’s Republic of China claimed that their official territory includes a wide swath of the South China Sea and the Pacific ocean, contrary to international treaties. They have continually built man-made islands with military bases on them.

In response, the United States Navy and regional Navies will occasionally perform freedom of navigation operations sailing through areas that Red China insists belong to them but are actually legally defined as international waters. Just recently, the U.S. Navy sent the guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain through the disputed area near the Spratly Islands.

Although the McCain kept clear of waters legally claimed by any country recognized by the treaty, the Chinese Navy took a moderately aggressive stance and shadowed her throughout. The Asian nation has been engaged in saber-rattling in the area, including the sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat and an incursion into India along their shared border in the mountains.

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