Another Squad Endorsed Candidate Loses

Another Squad Endorsed Candidate Loses

( – On Tuesday, November 3, the far-Left struggled in elections across America. During last spring’s Democratic primary, Buffalo, New York’s incumbent Democratic Mayor Byron Brown lost in a stunning upset to India Walton, a self-proclaimed Socialist. The turnout for the primary was horrific as COVID-19 surged at that time, contributing to Brown’s primary defeat. After winning the primary, far-Left Squad leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and far-Left Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) endorsed Walton.

Normally, analysts would expect a primary winner to win a general election against a write-in candidate, considering it a foregone conclusion. Unfortunately for the Squad-endorsed Socialist, it didn’t work out that way. Brown didn’t sit back and admit defeat. Instead, he ran a write-in campaign against the official Democratic-endorsed primary winner — and then he declared himself the winner.

As of Wednesday morning, the write-in incumbent candidate enjoyed a comfortable lead over Walton. On Tuesday morning, official reports showed election officials had counted approximately 70% of the ballots, and write-ballots accounted for 59% of them.

Officials won’t count the write-in ballots until November 16. Still, that didn’t stop Brown from announcing himself as the winner of the election. Until election officials tabulate the official results, Walton refuses to concede the election. Brown was a four-time elected incumbent seeking a fifth term.

If things go as planned, the Mayor will continue serving come January. It’s a shocking defeat for another Squad-endorsed candidate.

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