Anti-Obama Hate Symbol Has People LIVID – $100k Reward Offered

$100k Reward Offered for Information about Noose Left at Obama Center

$100k Reward Offered for Information about Noose Left at Obama Center

( РIn September 2021, workers broke ground to begin construction of the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago’s Jackson Park. Former President Barack Obama previously visited the site to meet with construction workers and offer his gratitude to the diverse group of individuals building his presidential library. On Thursday, November 10, Lakeside Alliance, a group of minority-owned construction companies working on the project, suddenly stopped work on the building after workers discovered a noose. Company officials subsequently put up a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible for the incident.

Workers told CBS Chicago someone found the noose in the basement of the building. The company instructed workers to stop what they were doing immediately until further notice, called the police, and began anti-bias training. Construction worker Rico Pineda said he was distraught and angry about the incident. He noted guards secured the facility, which had 24-hour surveillance, and guards required IDs to provide workers access to the site. He said the only way in was through or over the gate.

On Thursday, the Obama Foundation released a statement. It called the noose a “shameless act of cowardice and hate,” which served as a symbol of division. Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker (D) condemned the incident on Twitter.

The governor said it was more than just a symbol of racism. He said a noose was a reminder of violence and terror enacted on Black Americans.

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