Anti-Trust Authorities Put Google Under the Microscope

Anti-Trust Authorities Put Google Under the Microscope

( – Over the last decade, numerous countries began expressing concerns about Google’s dominance over the internet and related allegations of non-competitive practices. Europe has led the global crackdown on tech giants. Still, critics allege it takes too long for countries to investigate and hold the company accountable for breaking European laws and regulations. Germany is intent on changing that reality.

In 2021, Germany adopted new rules that allow regulators to ban companies from participating in anti-competitive practices sooner and more effectively. On Wednesday, January 5, Germany’s antitrust watchdog designated Google as a company with “paramount importance.” The designation provides regulators with more authority to influence or stop abuses by tech giants.

The German watchdog said Google has significant influence over companies that use its platforms including its search engine, YouTube, Android operating system, and the online Play Store. Therefore, big tech company requires greater scrutiny, and regulators need the authority to act quickly to ensure companies like Google play within the rules by not participating in anti-competitive practices.

Google says it doesn’t have a position on Germany’s action and that the European country’s decision doesn’t impact company conduct. The giant company said it will work constructively with regulators to find solutions that allow its customers to use its products.

Google isn’t the only company Germany is watching closely. It’s also monitoring the practices of Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.

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