Antifa Attacks – Quickly Gets Shut Down


( – Violence has become all too common in 2020 between protests turned riotous over allegations of police using deadly force unnecessarily and the contentious battles between supporters of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. One group that seems to have been front and center in many instances is Antifa (Anti-fascists) — a somewhat ironic name since their tactics of threats and violence often seem more in line with than opposed to that philosophy.

Once again, on December 5, a group of conservative, pro-Trump supporters was holding a peaceful rally in Olympia, Washington, when Antifa members showed up with the intent of inciting violence (if their “bash fascists” social media post was any indication). If that was in fact their intent, they succeeded in causing a brawl to erupt. This time, they also succeeded in paying a price for it.

***WARNING: The following Twitter post contains violence and strong language.***

Earlier this summer Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) forcibly took over areas in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, declaring them “Police-Free Zones” before they dispursed eventually. They truly did change the face of how politics works in the United States but not for the better.

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