AOC Caught Only Putting Mask on For Photo Op

AOC Caught Only Putting Mask on For Photo Op

( – How many times will it take for radical Democrats to figure out they are always on camera? What the camera reveals when they aren’t paying attention reveals much of who they are when no one is looking. On Saturday evening, members of the far-left Squad assembled with a large crowd of protestors unhappy about eviction moratorium expirations.

For the entirety of the outdoor event at the steps of the Capitol building, except for a brief public relations moment, neither AOC nor the crowd nestled shoulder to shoulder with her wore masks.

When the cameras came out, AOC put on the photomasks, and the crowd followed suit. When the cameras were off, so were the face coverings. It was a classic example of following by example.

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated its guidelines to require vaccinated individuals to wear masks indoors in areas with “substantial” increases in positive COVID-19 test rates. If it’s that important to her to put on a face-covering outdoors, why didn’t she keep the mask on during the entire event? And, why didn’t she practice social distancing?

The mask PR stunt was viewed on Twitter more than 390,000 times.

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