AOC Releases Video Ranting About Corruption in Congress

AOC Releases Video Ranting About Corruption in Congress

Ocasio-Cortez Releases Video ADMISSION – Reveals Her True Feelings

( – Whether it’s Twitter or Instagram, politicians seem to take full advantage of social media to voice their opinions to the public. For example, on June 5, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) posted a video on Instagram expressing her disdain for Congress and her views about men in the United States. She believes that men run the platforms, use them to spread violence, and are partially to blame for the mass shootings plaguing the nation.

Ocasio-Cortez went on to say mental illness wasn’t to blame for the uptick in American violence but instead blamed an “ideology of hatred” freely presented unchecked across social media and the media itself — specifically mentioning Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Additionally, she stated the United Stated is experiencing a radicalization of young men in the US in ways it hasn’t previously seen.

The New York legislator admits to working within a corrupt institution surrounded by people in both political parties who lack morals, calling it “wild” and challenging.

She doesn’t believe Congress represents the people but rather serves corporate interests, stating U.S. citizens live in an “oligarchy” with glimpses of Democracy. Yet, if her claims are valid, she is a part of the very institution she criticizes. So, one has to wonder: If the government is so corrupt, why does she stay?

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