AOC Under Fire for ‘Racism’ in New Tweet

AOC Under Fire for

( – Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is at it again. On November 2, voters in Virginia voted to flip their state leadership from Democrat to Republican. SURPRISINGLY, the GOP won the governorship, lieutenant governorship, and the statehouse for the first time in more than a decade. Exit polls showed the two top issues were the economy and education. Virginia became ground zero for parents battling Critical Race Theory in public schools. In the wake of the Democrats’ collapse, famed Democratic consultant James Carville blasted the ‘woke politics’ of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe for the stunning defeat up and down the ballot.

Well, AOC couldn’t help herself. She ripped into the notion of wokeness and warned Democrats on her Twitter account that the term is racist and dangerous. That claim prompted Fox News host Dan Bongino to let AOC have it. The Conservative commentator said it’s hard to take AOC seriously. If she had taken the time to look at the exit polls and consider why voters cast ballots, she would have seen why Republican candidates destroyed Democrats in the previously reliable Democratic state. Bongino said AOC either didn’t read the exit polls or isn’t intelligent enough to understand them.

Bongino added AOC isn’t fighting racism. Instead, she’s advancing it. He said the Left knows Critical Race Theory uses race to judge people as either oppressors or the oppressed. AOC isn’t about solving problems. Instead, she creates them using class and racial warfare to advance her socialist cause.

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