Apple to Offer Gender “Neutral” Siri

Apple to Offer Gender

( – If you have an iPhone or hang around anyone who does, you know that unique voice when you hear it. In 2013, Susan Bennett accidentally became the voice of Siri, the artificial intelligence behind the iPhone that’s become a tool for millions of people looking for fast information or want a hands-free way to tell the iPhone to do something like making a call to a contact or text someone. While Siri’s voice has been recognizable for years, Apple has been mixing it up to meet Siri users’ preferences lately. If users prefer a man’s voice over a woman’s, they can choose it. They can select the voice of a Black person, as well.

Prominent tech companies executives are some of America’s most politically progressive supporters; that’s no secret. Now, one of the world’s most profitable companies says it wants to make the user experience feel as personal as possible. So, starting with iOS version 15.4, iPhone users will be able to choose even more voices over the default. Apple announced it’s releasing a gender-neutral voice recorded by a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

So, is this just another attempt at wokeness, or is Apple going too far?

What do you think?

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