Apps That Will Help You Meet Your Lofty New Year Resolutions

Apps That Will Help You Meet Your Lofty New Year Resolutions

( – Setting goals for the new year excites most people, but it can become difficult to maintain those resolutions as the days pass. App stores have an abundance of options to keep people on track.

Getting healthier is many people’s top goal, including losing weight and quitting smoking. Others may feel the new year is the perfect time to pay more attention to their finances. There are apps to help with each of those objectives. Some options include Charity Miles, Apple Health, and My Fitness Pal.

Besides losing weight, apps can assist users in exercising more, tracking water intake, and providing motivation.

Getting a firm grasp on finances is another objective many people have. Luckily, finance apps can do everything from helping a person develop and stick to a budget to learning how to invest. Mint and Personal Capital are user-friendly options to help people control their bank accounts and investments.

Some people use the new year to better themselves. Goals might include learning a new language, reading more books, or getting organized. Duolingo is ideal for those who wish to speak a second language. Goodreads can keep people on top of reading goals, and Byebye is a helpful tool for those who want to cut out the clutter.

The nature of many apps makes them intuitive to use, so anyone can put them to work, assisting with making 2022’s New Year’s resolutions the ones they can finally keep.

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