Armageddon Fears Grow – World War II Era Law ENACTED

Putin Enacts Martial Law in Annexed Ukraine Territory

Putin Enacts Martial Law in Annexed Ukraine Territory

( – In late September, Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed four Ukrainian regions, escalating the war against its neighbor. Kyiv noted it would not recognize the land grab and said the Kremlin would not stop them from retaking their land by military force. On Wednesday, October 19, Moscow ordered thousands of people in Kherson to evacuate to safer positions as the Ukrainian army progressed toward its goals. Additionally, Putin signed a decree enacting martial law in the four annexed regions.

The martial law order allows local Russian authorities to take property, impose curfews, remove residents forcibly, jail undocumented immigrants, create checkpoints, and hold people for 30 days. Still, Putin’s decision falls short of full martial law. Nonetheless, it’s the first time Russia has imposed the measure since World War II.

The move comes as Russia’s military continues struggling, and tensions are growing within the larger nation. Speculation that Putin could instigate nuclear war has grown. Still, a treaty between the US and Moscow says either country must announce when they carry out nuclear drills to avoid misunderstandings and a potentially destructive response. The US military said it had not received any official notification. Additionally, Russia began bombarding Kyiv civilians with missiles and drones and targeting the city’s energy network ahead of winter as temperatures cool. Ukraine claims it has shot down over 220 Iranian-made drones over the last month.

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