Audio Finally Released From Southwest Airlines Pilot

Audio Finally Released From Southwest Airlines Pilot

( – America is a divided country in the wake of the 2020 presidential election and the controversial words and actions of Joe Biden over the last year. After assuming office on January 20, President Biden labeled Republicans racists, lied about election laws in various states, made the US energy-dependent again, and oversaw the massive spike in inflation and the erosion of Americans paychecks. He botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Then, he initiated vaccine mandates causing Americans to lose their livelihoods while threatening to give illegal immigrant families up to a million dollars.

In September, “f*** Joe Biden” chants broke out at college football games and expanded across several sporting events and concert venues. It morphed into a more family-friendly version, “Let’s go Brandon.” Recently, the media accused a Southwest pilot of using the slang term, and the airline said it’s investigating. With the recent release of a video of the incident, some question whether the pilot used the slang term or might have said, “Let’s Go Braves.” The Atlanta Braves baseball team was playing for the World Series, ultimately winning the pennant on November 2.

While many take offense at the slang term, were they upset at the vulgar language used against former President Donald Trump for four years? Perhaps people rushed to judgment about what they thought they heard the pilot say?

You decide, should the pilot face repercussions?

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