Autopsy Results Suggest John McAfee Killed Himself

Autopsy Results Suggest John McAfee Killed Himself

( – Federal prosecutors issued a warrant for tech mogul John McAfee In October 2020 for tax evasion totaling more than $4 million. The Department of Justice had enough evidence to file charges against him, which might have resulted in a sentence of up to 30 years, essentially a life sentence for the 75-year-old entrepreneur. McAfee was arrested in Spain and held in jail while the Spanish authorities considered whether to extradite him to the United States.

Guards found McAfee hanging in his cell on Wednesday, June 23, hours after a Spanish court ruled McAfee would be returned to the US to face the tax evasion charges. Unidentified sources say guards pulled a suicide note from McAfee’s pocket after they attempted to revive him.

An autopsy report released on June 28 showed the tech tycoon committed suicide. Despite the official autopsy, there are lingering questions and doubts regarding his cause of death. The family is questioning the autopsy report and has requested a second, independent one.

McAfee’s is the second high-profile death that happened during detention in two years. Authorities found multi-millionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein hanging in his cell in Manhattan, NY, on August 10, 2019. After McAfee’s arrest, he tweeted a cryptic message, saying if he was found hanged, “a la Epstein,” it wouldn’t be by his own hand.

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