Baby Formula Supply Chain Issues Under Biden Could Kill Children and Adults

Baby Formula Supply Chain Issues Under Biden Could Kill Children and Adults

Children And Adults May DIE After An Embarrassing Problem For Biden

( – Over the last year, inflation has eaten hard into Americans’ wallets. At the same time, last fall, the country experienced a supply chain shortage, and grocery store shelves sat empty due to a lack of groceries and products. If one situation demonstrates the problems Americans have endured over the last year, it’s a current crisis in baby formula supplies.

Across the country, parents of babies are having a challenging time finding formula for their children. In some instances, it’s becoming a life-threatening situation, and it doesn’t just impact babies. It could also become a life-threatening issue for some adults.

Is the Biden Economy the Root Cause of the Problem?

On April 14, data collection company Datasembly said the April out-of-stock rate for baby formula rose to 31% from 11% last November. It’s an issue that’s gotten progressively worse. In the first half of 2021, the baby formula out-of-stock rate sat between 2% and 8%.

Since the report, the problems for parents have only gotten worse as shortages have increased on store shelves. Datasembly CEO Ben Reich told CNN Business that three issues caused the baby formula shortages:

  1. Supply chain issues
  2. Product recalls
  3. 40-year high inflation

Reich said that the volatility was unprecedented and that baby formula would be one of the most impacted consumers products.

According to the Job Creators Network, the Biden economy is responsible for the inflation that drives down real wages and living standards. Gas prices are sky-high, supply chain issues are rampant, the Democrats overspent widely in 2021, and the president initiated new regulations that harmed the marketplace and helped contribute to the growing problems that only seem to worsen daily.

The Baby Formula Crisis Could Hurt Children and Adults

The challenge for parents is that some women can’t produce enough breast milk to feed their young children, so they rely on baby formula to supplement their child’s nutritional needs or provide it all together.

While inflation and supply chain issues impact the supply of baby formula to the marketplace, one other issue is driving the matter, and it could be deadly. In February, Abbott Nutrition recalled mass quantities of baby formula. The recall occurred after four infants contracted a bacterial infection from baby formula made at a Michigan plant. Two of the babies died.

The FDA found food safety violations at the plant and shut it down.

The supply shortage doesn’t just affect infants. The plant also manufactured specialty formulas for people with rare medical conditions who can’t eat regular food.

The shortages are leading parents and caretakers to panic over concerns that they won’t be able to get baby formula or special formulas. Abbott told the Washington Post it’s doing everything possible to increase the production of life-saving foods for infants and adults.

The Infant Nutrition Council of America recommends that parents keep a 10-day to two-week supply of baby formula on hand during the crisis. It encouraged parents not to hoard the product.

Stay tuned. This situation could go either direction quickly.

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