Bank Robbery Goes Wrong for Hilarious Reason

Bank Robbery Goes Wrong for Hilarious Reason

( – In this day and age, is it worth robbing a bank? Well, certainly not if you don’t get any money. One man tried to rob a few banks in southern England, but his success rate wasn’t good. Perhaps the robber’s lack of penmanship was the problem.

Alan Slattery is a 67-year-old retiree. In his last dash at what he hoped would be free cash, a teller struggled to decipher the man’s handwritten note demanding they hand over their cash to him. After the teller failed to solve Slattery’s botched handwritten note, the aspiring robber fled the bank empty-handed.

Unfortunately, the retired soon-to-be criminal tried to steal from two other banks. In one instance, Slattery got away with $3,300 from a bank in his hometown. In another botched example, he left without a single coin after a teller stood up to him. In terms of fruitful attempts, he was one for three.

Police later identified Slattery from bank surveillance footage. Police arrested the incompetent robber near his home. He eventually pleaded guilty to one count of robbery and two counts of attempted robbery. A judge sentenced him to six years in jail for his criminal efforts.

In this case, crime didn’t pay.

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