Barack Obama Admits What Republicans Have Said All Along

Barack Obama Admits What Republicans Have Said All Along

( – In 2016, Donald Trump ran against the slowest economic growth in modern times, a decline in manufacturing, and trade that stripped middle-class Americans of their futures – all problems created by former President Barack Obama. Don’t tell that to Obama. If you ask him, his destructive economic policies were working perfectly.

In fact, Obama claims that the economy was working so well that President Trump benefited from his economic efforts. Now that Obama’s former vice president is President of the United States, Obama said what Republicans believed all along. The Biden presidency intends to finish what Obama started.

Obama claims Trump was just a bump in the road to fulfilling his plan to “fundamentally transform America.” He forgets that his transformation was deep and painful for scores of Americans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 95.1 million people were not participating in the labor workforce in 2016. That number represented millions of Americans who either no longer qualified for unemployment or weren’t actively looking for meaningful work.

While Obama tried to take credit for Trump’s economy, that case can’t be made. The economy skyrocketed after the former Republican president slashed regulations that unnecessarily impacted businesses and the economy. In 2017, the GOP-led Congress cut taxes. Businesses shared with employees by offering generous bonuses and wage increases that largely impacted the lower and middle class.

Obama never did any of that. In fact, the new Obama/Biden economy in 2021 is already driving inflation through the glass ceiling. It could get a lot worse.

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