Battle Brewing Over Possible Arizona Election Cover-up

Battle Brewing Over Possible Arizona Election Cover-up

( – A battle has broken out in Arizona between Maricopa County‚Äôs Republican-led Board of Supervisors and the GOP-led state Senate. In January, the state Senate issued a subpoena requesting access to 2.1 million cast ballots and voting machines from the November election. Senators want to show election fraud occurred that led to Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory in the state. The Maricopa County board has refused to cooperate.

The board says it can’t comply, arguing the ballots are sealed by law, and voting machines are securely stowed away. The GOP-led Senate is moving to hold the board in contempt for not providing access to their request.

The first step in that process occurred on Thursday, February 5, when the Republican-led Senate Rules Committee passed that contempt resolution by a 16-13 party-line vote. It also waived further committee hearings and a debate requirement.

The full Senate could vote on the measure as soon as Monday. If the resolution passes at that time, it could lead to the arrest of those board members fighting the legislature’s subpoena.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Pushes Back

The Board of Supervisors quickly responded by asking a court to intervene in the matter on Friday. They asked it to squash the Senate’s subpoena, a move that would render the contempt resolution moot.

Additionally, the Board’s court filing also claims its chairman, Jack Sellers, already complied with the subpoena by appearing before the committee for a January 13 hearing. However, no hearing was actually scheduled that day.

Ultimately, board members want the state Senate to join them in requesting an exemption from the court. If the court rules to waive the provision, they will follow the ruling.

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