Ben Carson Reveals Why COVID Test Shortage May Not Be a Bad Thing

Ben Carson Reveals Why COVID Test Shortage May Not Be a Bad Thing

( – For months, the Biden administration was behind the curve regarding testing. Officials didn’t order tests in a timely manner, and now the United States is facing a shortage of them. There still isn’t a contract for the 500 million free COVID tests the government promised. By the time the kits reach their destinations, health officials say the worst of the Omicron variant may be well behind us.

On Monday, January 10, Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that not having the test may be a good thing.

Carson stated that not only won’t tests arrive in time to be useful, but the more the government tests people, the higher the number of positive cases they’ll report. The former head of HUD said higher case numbers only lead to more unnecessary confusion. He added that COVID-19 is getting weaker and more contagious — and if that’s the case, Americans might want to question any continued fears or talks of shut-downs.

The famed pediatric surgeon said officials should reserve tests for people who are at risk of severe illness, hospitalization and death. He said it serves no purpose to test everyone and watch officials throw their hands up in the air when positive rates go up, especially when no one seems to know what to do either way.

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