Betty White’s Last Words of Wisdom

Betty Whites Last Words of Wisdom

( – It’s hard for many Americans to believe that Betty White is no longer with us. She wasn’t just an actress. She was an American icon for over seven decades. On Friday, December 31, White passed away in her sleep just days before turning 100-years-old. What was on her mind in the last hours of her life? Apparently, it was the long-ago love of her life.

Actress Vicky Lawrence recently spoke to reporters about what famed comedian Carol Burnett told her about Betty White’s final moments. According to her, Burnett texted Betty’s assistant, who was with the iconic actress when she passed away. The last word she spoke was “Allen.” White was married to Allen Ludden, one of the most famous TV game show hosts in the 1950s and 1960s. He passed away in 1981. White often said he was the love of her life, and after having the best, she didn’t need anyone else. Betty White never remarried.

Lawrence went on to say that Betty made every job a joy and that it was always a lot of fun to work with her. White was known as an animal lover. Lawrence recalled one time she was unusually late for a screenshot. When White showed up, she said it was because she needed to rescue two Golden Retrievers running in the road and that she had to get them before something terrible happened to them.

Lawrence added that Hollywood could be a big disappointment. Betty White was far from that. She was a rarity in the business and beyond.

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