Biden Administration Launches Absurd Plan for the Unvaccinated

Biden Administration Launches Absurd Plan for the Unvaccinated

( – Just a few months ago, President Joe Biden set a goal of ensuring that 70% of Americans were vaccinated by July 4. He didn’t end up meeting that goal. Roughly 157 million Americans (47.9%) are fully vaccinated. That’s nearly a 22 point difference. It’s not even close.

Instead of accepting that many Americans chose not to get jabbed with a COVID-19 vaccination, Biden is doubling down and doing the unthinkable. He’s going to send government-paid activists to people’s homes, to attempt to persuade them to vaccinate.

In June, Vice President Kamala Harris predicted this would happen. She even encouraged volunteers to knock on doors in Atlanta and harass people hesitant to get the shot. Harris went so far as to provide talking points on how to overcome virtually every objection.

GOP critics panned the idea and strongly recommended against sending government-paid advocates door-to-door to talk with unvaccinated people. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) said those receiving a knock should remind the government marketers they aren’t their parents. Others chimed in, adding that the vaccine is “optional” and that people are free to choose what they believe is best for them.

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