Biden Adviser Says There’s No Better System Than Communist China

Biden Adviser Says There's No Better System Than Communist China

Biden Adviser CALLS For Communism

( – Is there a movement among the elites in the US government to talk down the United States and prop up the Chinese Communist government? One has to wonder. On April 27, the Biden administration announced that Democratic donor Dominic Ng was appointed to represent the US on the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Advisory Council. Dominic’s pick is controversial, especially after some in the media exposed his ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and a video surfaced of him praising the authoritarian system of the CCP.

In 2018, Ng spoke at the Future of Asia Conference. He said there was nothing better than the Chinese authoritarian economic system despite the massive problems with the country’s banking system, which the government controls. That’s not all he said. Ng contrasted the US system with the Chinese and suggested the idea of a free market was flawed at best.

Dominic Ng Is a Consistent Defender of Controversial Beijing Economic Policies

Ng is the chairman of East West Bank, which lends heavily to Asian businesses. The Washington Free Beacon reported Ng endorsed several controversial CCP policies, including China’s infrastructure program, the Belt and Road initiative, and the CCP’s criticisms against the United States for joining their program over the years. Additionally, Ng recently criticized two pieces of legislation that would make the US more competitive with China. He’s also tied to the CCP through Chinese influence groups such as the Committee of 100 and the China United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

Still, he landed a highly prestigious appointment by President Biden.

Perhaps his 2018 speech praising China’s authoritarian system over the US’s democratic one is symbolic of Ng’s views. The new member of the APEC said in the speech that while China’s banks have problems, the CCP’s authoritarian controls over the economy prevented a potential crash of the Chinese economy.

Ng then distinguished how China and the United States handle economic crises. He argued that, unlike the US, China’s ability to squash rumors, control the media narrative, and bury negative news at lightning speed enabled it to weather economic storms in a way that the US could not. He stated that the Chinese don’t wait to solve problems and will knock on doors and immediately end any rumors. Furthermore, Ng noted that Chinese officials would halt fund managers and publicly traded companies from harming the country.

The new Biden appointee added that the problem in the United States is that it takes years for the Department of Justice to investigate and the Security and Exchange Commission to implement corrective policies.

Ng then suggested the Chinese system was superior to the US because the US government can’t control businesses, the economy, and society in the land of the free.

Drivers of the Chinese Economy

According to Investopedia, China rose from extreme poverty over the last 60 years to become the world’s second-biggest influence economy. To do it, China became a major exporter of goods across the globe. Still, many criticize the CCP for manipulating its currency and refusing to punish its companies over intellectual property theft.

The authoritarian government also faces accusations of deep corruption, unfair dealings, and falsifying economic data to boost its economy.

What do you think? Does NG really think he can convince anyone that China’s economic system really better than the US’?

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