Biden Called Out For UNFORGIVABLE Lies

Biden Called Out by Oil Execs for Lies About US Energy

Biden Called Out by Oil Execs for Lies About US Energy

( – In January 2021, newly inaugurated President Joe Biden immediately began transforming US energy production. He restricted oil extraction on federal lands and waters and instead turned to some hostile countries for more oil instead of empowering domestic producers to drill at home. On Monday, November 28, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked NSC Strategic Communication Coordinator John Kirby why Biden seems to prefer allowing US companies to drill for oil in Venezuela instead of the US, referring to an easing of sanctions allowing Chevron to resume limited production in the South American nation. Kirby’s answer led oil executives to blast the statement as “lies.”

Kirby told Doocy his question didn’t present an accurate perspective on the president’s position. The reporter shot back that Biden said in early November that “there is no more drilling.” Yet, the government spokesman countered, citing 9,000 unused drilling permits available on federal lands.

Some oil leaders said Kirby wasn’t telling the truth and accused him of a “flat-out lie.” On Tuesday, American Energy Alliance President Tom Pyle said his organization compiled a list of 125 actions taken by congressional Democrats and the White House that slowed or stopped oil production.

Instead, Pyle accused Biden of conceding to his donors, who don’t want oil drilling. He argued that drilling in Venezuela was worse because they don’t care about the environment and alleged the administration doesn’t want the resources from within the US.

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