Biden Considering Deploying Troops to Ukraine, Report Finds

Biden Considering Deploying Troops Over Ukraine, Report Finds

( – Russia has deployed over 100,000 soldiers and mobilized massive amounts of military hardware along the Ukrainian/Russian border. Despite Russia’s claim to the contrary, many believe it could invade Ukraine at any moment over demands that NATO back away from former Soviet bloc states bordering Russia. It’s a demand the United States and NATO allies flatly rejected.

On January 24, President Joe Biden placed 8,500 soldiers on alert should the need arise to bolster a NATO rapid response against Russia. On Monday, January 31, the Pentagon said it was discussing with Eastern European allies the possibility of deploying additional soldiers to NATO’s eastern flank to ease concern among NATO members. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the troops the US would likely deploy are already stationed in Europe. However, any move could signal a US escalation of tensions to Russia.

Russia claims the Western response to its military deployments along the northern, eastern, and southern Ukrainian border is the actual act of aggression. Therefore, the Russians say they are not the aggressors if fighting breaks out. In 2014, Russia annexed part of Ukraine known as Crimea by military force.

President Biden has said the goal is to engage in full diplomacy with Russia and de-escalate tensions in the region.

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