Biden Curses Out Obama Team

Pete Souza, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Monday, Jonathan Martin, a columnist for Politico slammed President Biden for his re-election strategy claiming that referring to David Axelrod, a former Obama adviser, as a “p—-” privately would not bring in any votes for him.

Martin also slammed Biden’s decision to debate the results of polls with the press corps of the White House pointing out that these actions would not bring him any closer to winning the 2024 presidential election.

Axelrod has recently made several public statements in which he questions whether it is the correct decision for Biden to be seeking re-election, especially considering his current standing according to many of the polls in swing states. There have also been several concerns regarding Biden’s age with many questioning whether he would be able to once again beat former President Donald Trump.

Peter Doocy, the White House correspondent, recently asked Biden about the recent polls which showed Trump leading in many battleground states.  In response, Biden argued that there were 10 different polls and that in eight of them, he was leading the race. However, he argued that all of the reporters only looked at two polls.

Martin has argued that there are two primary concerns that voters and “Democratic elites” share and those are regarding President Biden’s age and the cost of living.

Martin points out that for Biden to be using fundraisers in the way he had done on Thursday in order to make complaints about the press was not helping him win against Trump regardless of how therapeutic it might be.

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