Biden and DeSantis Now ALLIES?

Joe Biden Has Been Privately Talking With Ron DeSantis

Joe Biden Claims to Have Privately Spoken With Ron DeSantis

( – The White House spent much of the day defending President Joe Biden on Tuesday, September 27. Despite his willingness to talk to several mayors throughout Florida ahead of Hurricane Ian, he had not spoken with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). On Tuesday evening, DeSantis said he had not heard from the president but would talk to the Commander in Chief if he wanted to reach out to him. The governor stated it wasn’t a time for pettiness while people’s lives were at risk and suggested the state and the federal governments needed to work together. In the end, Biden didn’t just talk with him once, but the president claims he spoke with the governor five times by Thursday afternoon.

Still, the White House only said it had a record of two calls. So, were there three private calls? Regardless, Biden congratulated himself and stated Florida’s top leader was “very happy” with the federal response to Ian. He added that the governor expressed his appreciation and happiness with the government’s efforts.

Biden also took time to echo DeSantis’ previous sentiment. He agreed it was important for the two leaders to work in a bipartisan fashion to help those in need after the storm. The president said the federal government’s role was to help save people’s lives, homes, and businesses. He added that the government’s efforts had nothing to do with the two men’s political differences.

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