Biden Eliminates Trump’s Worker-Rights Office

Biden Eliminates Trump's Worker-Rights Office

( – College graduates who voted for Joe Biden and are looking for jobs shouldn’t feel so good about their choice right now. In less than one week, not only has the new president killed tens of thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen, he’s now colluding with immigration lawyers and CEOs who are celebrating the return of cheap, disposable, foreign labor.

On January 13, President Trump created the Worker-Rights Office to ensure the government couldn’t empower corporations to discriminate against millions of college graduates in favor of foreign workers. On January 26, Biden terminated the newly created office. It’s difficult to understand why the new president isn’t protecting the young workers, many of whom voted for him.

Besides bringing back cheap foreign labor workers in preference to American workers, Biden re-initiated work permits for foreign contract workers’ spouses. Estimates predict an additional 250,000 foreign workers will compete against American graduates for jobs.

It seems one week in, Biden is returning America to the same Obama policies that devastated American workers.

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