Biden Had the Wuhan Lab Investigation Secretly Shut Down

Biden Had the Wuhan Lab Investigation Secretly Shut Down

( – In late April 2020, then-President Donald Trump said he believed evidence existed that the COVID-19 virus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. At the time, intelligence agencies publicly disputed Trump’s claim. Regardless, Trump stuck to his viewpoint. When pressed by journalists to prove it, the former president said he couldn’t at the time and wasn’t allowed to divulge the information, likely due to national security issues.

The former president wasn’t alone. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo opened a State Department investigation into the theory that the Wuhan lab leaked the virus. Reports suggested that the investigation was mainly to learn more about China’s biological weapon program and whether the Chinese military played a role in the pandemic’s origin. However, the Biden administration is ending the investigation despite new revelations about the lab’s potential leak of the COVID-19 virus and the Chinese military’s use of the facility.

Biden Administration Secretly Shuts Down Investigation

Before the investigation could get underway, the Biden administration quietly stopped it. They allege there was too much concern about the integrity of the evidence. Instead of the US conducting its own investigation, the Biden administration says it will rely on the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump defunded the WHO after learning how it cozied up to the Chinese, defended the communist country, and absolved the Chinese of any blame for the outbreak.

Pompeo expressed concern after learning of the Biden administration’s decision. He said he was baffled, considering they should know what he knows based on the information provided to the government. Pompeo also asserted Dr. Anthony Fauci would likely know the information, which may be one reason Fauci recently said he wasn’t confident the virus didn’t leak from the Wuhan virology lab.

On Monday, May 24, the Wall Street Journal published a bombshell report, adding to the growing mountain of evidence the virus was a leak, and the Chinese were covering it up. The article said at least three people working at the Wuhan lab became sick and were hospitalized in November 2019 with severe COVID-19-like or seasonal virus-like symptoms. It’s believed the lab conducted experiments with the highly contagious virus.

Trump Doubles Down

Despite the Biden administration’s secret plot to end the State Department investigation before it started, former President Trump published a statement saying he was right about the Wuhan lab leak all along. Mounting evidence and thorough investigation may, in fact, vindicate Trump’s and Pompeo’s early instincts.

Based on increasing pressure from all sides, President Biden ordered US intelligence agencies on Wednesday, May 26, to redouble their efforts and provide a more definitive answer regarding the virus’s origin within the next 90 days.

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