Biden Has Reportedly “Declared War” on Right-Wing Trump Supporters

Biden Has Reportedly

Biden Has “DECLARED WAR” – His Most Dangerous Act Yet

( – One of President Joe Biden’s favorite talking points is “unity.” From the early days of his campaign for the White House, he touts the term as though it’s the single most important thing about his administration. In a primetime speech on September 1, the president showed the nation what he meant by the word and exactly who he believes America needs to leave behind: “MAGA Republicans.” Taking aim directly at former President Donald Trump and his loyal base, Biden declared tens of millions of Americans dangerous extremists.

A Phrase Coined

The attacks on “MAGA Republicans,” a phrase Biden uses along with “ultra-MAGA,” are obvious attempts to attach a social and political stigma on a movement not only popular for its ideals but also for its merchandise. As the president claimed that the supposed extremists of the MAGA world support and promote violence, he also managed to paint a target on a whole slew of people who proudly display their 1st Amendment rights to free speech on their “Make America Great Again” hats, shirts, and other popular collectibles.

While Biden and his team may believe they’ve isolated an entire wing of the Republican party, the tactic may just backfire. Who can forget when millions of conservatives raised their hands and happily declared themselves “deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton suggested?

Sharp Political Fallout

Republicans were quick to respond to the free airtime, but few seemed to have any interest in engaging in an argument over political extremism. High-profile lawmakers like Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Bill Haggerty (R-TN) all dismissed the notion completely and instead attacked the president’s policies, claiming he’s directly responsible for skyrocketing inflation.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R) gave a brief prebuttal shortly before Biden’s speech. The congressman said he hoped the president planned to apologize to the millions of Americans he recently referred to as “semi-fascist.” In a fiery rally for Washington Democrats last month, POTUS made the statement, continuing on to trash his new favorite target, the MAGA Republican.

Unity or Divide?

Biden’s “semi-fascism” remark was already parrotted by Leftist criminals in Florida. Vandals painted “eat sh*t Fascists” on the front of the Seminole County party headquarters and glued the entry doors shut.

Democrats may believe that unity means government for everyone but those they disagree with politically, but that’s not how a democracy works. By attempting to paint so many people as enemies of America, President Biden may just help achieve unity…among Republicans.

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