Biden Issues Ridiculous Statement to Traveling Asylum Seekers

Biden Issues Ridiculous Statement to Traveling Asylum Seekers

( – During the 2020 election season, former Vice President Joe Biden (D) promised to end President Trump’s immigration and border security policies. In 2018, Trump negotiated with several Central American countries and Mexico to keep prospective immigrants in those countries so they could apply for asylum there instead of allowing them into the United States where they could roam free. The goal was to strip the incentive for massive migrant caravans to travel north to the US.

In the wake of Biden’s vow to undo Trump’s actions, thousands of migrants have taken Biden’s promises to heart and are trying to make their way from Central America. However, a Biden transition official asked them to stop, saying now is not the “time to make the journey.” The official said it would take some time to undo the Trump policy.

Will Biden open the door and allow virtually anyone to come into the country? It appears so. Regardless, Congress failed to pass immigration reform under President Trump. That forced him to sign executive orders creating the policies that Biden can freely reverse.

Welcome back to 2016.

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