Biden Launches Full-Scale ATTACK – #1 Rival In Crosshairs

Biden Backs Charlie Crist To Dethrone GOP Governor DeSantis

Biden Backs Charlie Crist To Dethrone GOP Governor DeSantis

( – Is Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis cruising toward re-election on November 8? According to a RealClearPolitics poll of averages, as of Wednesday, October 19, DeSantis leads his Democratic challenger Charlie Crist by 7.8 points. Over the last several years, Florida has shed its purple roots to become a deeper red. In August, Republican voters held a 270,000 lead advantage over Democrats. Still, President Joe Biden must believe Crist could dethrone the highly popular governor.

The White House said Biden would visit Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on November 1 to attend a campaign event with Crist, a former GOP governor who turned Democrat as a congressman. Despite playing nice with DeSantis after Hurricane Ian, Biden has shared a contentious relationship with the Florida governor, clashing over COVID policies, illegal immigration, and abortion.

With odds strongly favoring Florida to stay in GOP hands, Biden’s visit could be a hopeful boost to Crist’s campaign. Still, it could also signal what’s to come as the POTUS argues DeSantis shouldn’t serve another term in the governor’s mansion. If the popular Florida strongman chooses to run in a GOP primary against former President Donald Trump, DeSantis could win the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. If Biden runs for re-election, as he intends, it would pit the GOP politician against the president, who has weathered abysmal poll numbers over the last fourteen months.

So, is the campaign stop really about helping Crist or helping Biden?

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