Biden Makes Bizarre Trip Before Midterms – Democrats STUMPED

Biden Heads to Chicago Just Before Midterms

Biden Heads to Chicago Just Before Midterms

( – During midterm elections, presidents don’t typically become involved in political races where Democrats have sizable majorities. Chicago is one such place. One would think the Left wouldn’t have a problem in the deepest blue cities or in a state where the RealClearPolitics poll of averages rates only three congressional seats as toss-ups. Still, it appears that ahead of the November 8 midterm elections, President Joe Biden is heading to the Windy City, of all places, to improve the get-out-the-vote effort by Democrats.

On Friday, November 4, Biden stopped in Chicago to rally for Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker and the state’s Democratic ticket. A source told the Chicago Sun-Times that a White House advance team and Secret Service were present in the massive Democratic-led city ahead of the presidential visit.

So, why was Biden in the Windy City? On Wednesday, November 2, the president held a campaign event in primetime to continue his condemnation of supposed “MAGA” Republicans. He attempted to paint the picture that they would harm America. Is he concerned about a red wave in Chicago or Illinois? Is he trying to rescue his party in places that are typically safe for them, or could it be something else?

Over the last several months, vulnerable Democrats have steered clear of Biden. It may be that far-left safe cities are the only places that will accept him. Still, some wonder if it’s a good use of government resources to fly the president around.

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