Biden Makes Yet Another Unbelievable Statement

Biden Claims He Was

Biden Claims He Was “Raised” in Puerto Rican Community

( – President Joe Biden has a long and distinguished career of making inaccurate statements. In 1988, he dropped out of the presidential race after plagiarizing speeches and making false claims about his education. He claimed late Sen. J. Caleb Boggs (R-DE) appointed him to the Naval Academy despite any evidence to support the claim. On Monday, October 3, he told Puerto Ricans he “was sort of raised in a Puerto Rican community” during an unscripted moment during a trip to the US territory.

The president’s words came amid promises of federal aid to help the island, which is currently recovering from Hurricane Fiona. The New York Post reported that 2,154 Delaware residents had Puerto Rican ancestry in 1970, accounting for approximately 0.39% of the population at the time. In 1980, there were about 4,857 Puerto Ricans in the state. Yet, Biden said a large number from the island were in Delaware relative to the state’s population. Currently, 10% of Hispanics from all backgrounds live in the First State.

Soon after the president made the controversial statement, some Conservatives pounced. Radio host Chris Stigall said he “didn’t know Corn Pop was Puerto Rican.” It’s a mocking reference to a past statement by Biden claiming he fought off a gang leader with the name Corn Pop. Others ridiculed him for saying he went to the island to tell them he was one of them.

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